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We Provide Cheap International Calling Cards For Calling Multiple International Destinations
Phonecards & Phone Cards Explained
Card Providers purchase 'bulk minutes' from Line Carriers at huge discounts - which allows them to pass significant savings on to you, the customer. The key benefit is that you know exactly what you're spending each time you use the card without the hassle of contracts or changing phone providers but benefiting you from making cheaper international phone calls when you purchase Cheap Phone Cards from Planet Phone Cards.

The International Cheap Phone Cards are pre-charged with a fixed amount depending on the denomination of Phone Card - typically £5, £10, £15, £20, or £50 (sometimes displayed in Euros or Dollars) as the International Cheap Phone Cards are Prepaid, you know exactly how much you are spending when you make an International Cheap Phone Call, some Phone Cards also have some free calls attached, for example many £20 Phone Cards are pre charged to £25, when selectin your Phone Card take time to read all of the details about each Phone Card, this ensures you make the best selection. 

You can use the Prepaid International Phone Card from virtually any Phone, anywhere, at anytime - enjoying massive savings (in some cases in excess of  97%). Each time you use it you are advised how many minutes you have remaining, so you know when its time to buy another Cheap International Phone Card.

Purchasing online couldn't be simpler. Use our Call Calculator to find the best product to suit your needs, read our access numbers explained to discover your best way to access the service and pay using your credit or debit card via our secure server, and you can pay in £ Sterling, US Dollar or Euro.

You can purchase your International Phone Cards and start making Cheap International Phone Calls 24 hours a day, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world, and can pay in the currency that suits you.

Your International Phone Card PIN & Access details are sent instantly to your email address as soon as the transaction is authorised, your details are also recorded in your Planet Phone Cards account.

It is worth knowing that the Cheapest International Phone Card is not always the best card to suit your needs. You should take the following points into consideration-

  • Quality of your International Phone Call
  • Call duration
  • Brand preference of International Phone Card
  • Connection/Access surcharges
  • The type of Phone you're using

    All Rates are Inclusive of VAT.

If you have any questions then please email:

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Customer Reviews
Josh Thield - 12/05/2010
Best travel card I have ever had, the Story mobile saver cost hardly anything and the connection quality was better than any other I have had before. I only had one connection issue so I emailed Planet and they looked into this and came back to me straight away. This is excellent service as I did not have to try and call the Story customer services being out of the UK. Very happy with the service.
Jayne Short - 18/05/2010
As I only have a pay as you go mobile and find it expensive to make calls around the UK, I contacted Planet and was advised to try a phone card. I only had to top my phone up with £5.00 and was able to call landlines around the UK for longer as the minute allowance was brilliant!! I will be using the service going forward.
Kitty Rixon - 01/02/2010
Now happier than i used to be and also more friendly and helpful.
MARYJANE - 23/04/2012
Faisal - 25/03/2010
A vast improvement over the old website!!

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