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Please email us with your question to Below is our archive of Questions and Answers we feel you may find of use to get the cheapest and best phone calls possible.

Q: I have bought my International phone card but have not received my PIN and access details?

A: All PIN and access details are sent out instantly, in some cases the email is filtered by your internet provider, if this happens, please email us at  and we will email you your details straight away.  To prevent this in the future just add  to your contacts list within your email account. Also check you spam or junk email folder as your details might have been sent there automatically, details are also now retained in your Planet Phone Cards account, just click on my account to review all of your orders.

Q: What if I know which phone card I require; do I need to use the call calculator?

A: No, just click on Quick Selector and this will take you directly to the International phone cards; this will list all Phone Cards from the country you are calling from.

Q: Do I need to type in my details every time I buy a card?

A: No, all you have to enter is your email address and password, if you have forgotten your password, click on the forgot password link within the site and it will be emailed to you.  However you do have to type your details in each time you pay, as this connection is secure it does not remember your details, and security has to be a priority for us.

Q: What happens if I seen an error when I process my card details?

A: If you see an error message when your transaction has been processed and it says contact the retailer quoting 502 either contact us or we will automatically review your transaction, as you have purchased for the first time we need to review your account details, for future transactions your transactions will be processed and your PIN details will be received instantly.

Q: Are My UK Calling Card details only sent by Email & SMS?

A: No, we have now introduced a "view orders" screen with your account, in here you can see all of your previous UK Calling Card Details, even when you purchase they go into "my orders" instantly as well as by Email and SMS.

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Customer Reviews
Faisal - 25/03/2010
A vast improvement over the old website!!
Gabriel - 15/12/2011
Have been using the site for the past 4 years or so, with regular purchases of £10 and £20 cards. But lately i`ve been having problems with connections. I phone Portugal and most of the times i can`t connect or they answer and it still ringing on my side, sometimes i hear them but they don`t hear me and vice versa. So you can say that i`m not very happy at the moment!
abdul mazid (bidc) bangldeshi - 24/08/2011
its best card in this warld
Eva Golding - 02/05/2010
Planet Phone Cards has saved me so much on international calls to my parents. They decided to move abroad after retirement and to call them on my mobile means I can use my minutes and speak any time for less. I have a good 3 months to use the card which is positive as there are so many minutes available to call their landline in Portugal.
MARYJANE - 23/04/2012

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